About Us

Check out Hula Honey's Hawaiian Shave Ice, owned and operated by Baltimore, MD residents, Momi and Ramsay Antonio-Barnes, and operating out of the Charm City's littlest dessert truck which was fabricated from an Indian 3-wheeled scooter. Its the perfectly delicious, retro styled, refreshing experience for your hot B-more summers!aboutpage

Born and raised in Hawaii, Momi has been living in Baltimore for over 12 years and felt it was time to share her love of Hawaiian Shave Ice with the East Coast (locals in Hawaii call it "Shave Ice" and not "Shaved Ice"). Both she and Ramsay also share their hobby of collecting and riding vintage scooters, and building out a food truck from a three-wheel scooter seemed like the perfect idea.

The name "Hula Honey's" is a play on combining the words "Hula" and "Hon" an endearing term often used in Baltimore. The vintage scooter that the business operates from is not only fully mobile, but also looks great and provides everything necessary to make these cool tasty treats.

Hula Honey's features both traditional flavored syrups and organic syrups (which are gluten free and vegan), and also offer a glutton/sugar free option. Momi even goes so far as to have syrups shipped direct from Hawaii, and Mango, Mai Tai, Lychee, Passion Fruit are on the way. Hula Honey's serving Hawaiian style shave ice differs from traditional Baltimore snowballs, in that Hawaiian Shave Ice is not ground course granular ice, it It is finely shaved and sometimes appears to be "fluffy". This allows the flavorings to be absorbed into the ice, rather than settling on the bottom of a styrofoam cup. Snowballs flavors traditionally represent the color rather than the flavor, and quite often you can taste the preservatives rather than the flavor.

Hula Honey's is available for both public and private events. In addition to offering delicious shave ice with retro style, Hula Honey's uses eco-friendly paper products, corn starch biodegradable straws and wooden spoons and in the near future they plan on recharging the power source with solar power.